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Availability of Funds

As an CBPII under PSD2, you may verify, in real time, if your client has a certain amount of funds available

API Description

Why should I integrate the Availability of Funds API?

Availability of Funds API enables you to verify, in real time, if your client has a certain amount of funds available.
With this type of information you may be sure that, at least at that moment in time and before authorizing a card transaction to the Acquirer or Merchant, the user has enough funds available to honor a purchase they are about to do.

With this API you may reduce the risk of being unable to recover the funds from your clients, after having guaranteed a payment to an Acquirer or Merchant.


Confirm Funds with your client's Bank

Issue Cards

Card Issuers

This API can be accessed by authorized TPPs: PISPs and/or CBPIIs. CBPIIs are card issuers that do not hold the payment account of the User

Account Check

Account Check

The TPP asks through this API if the Payment Account associated with the card has a certain amount of funds available

Proceed Operation

Proceed Operation

The TPP can then continue with the card operation, according to its business model. (eg. In an ecommerce Use Case, for confirming that there are enough funds on the payment account to support a certain transaction)

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