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Payment Initiation

Offer your client the possibility to pay using the same seamless experience as in his Internet Banking.

API Description

Why should I integrate the Payment Initiation API?

Payment Initiation API enables you to initiate a payment using one of the payment products made available by the Bank of the Payment Service User in his Internet Banking.

With this API, it is possible to integrate this type of payments in an online store as well as to provide personal finance services to both private and corporate clients.


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Users Choice

User’s choice

The end user can decide which Bank and payment account to use for making payments.

Users Auth

User's Authentication

The user goes through the same authentication procedures as in his Internet Banking.

User Consent

User consent

The user gives consent to the payment.

Corporate or Fintech

Corporate or Fintech’s choice

The corporate or Fintech can decide on the payment product to initiate the payment, from the available options in the user’s Internet Banking.

Payment Status

Payment Status

The Corporate or FinTech can verify the status of the transaction immediately after the payment initiation request.

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Payment Init

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